2.50$ Baofeng microphone for HTs

When using a handheld with longer antennas or even external antennas,  it becomes pretty cumbersome to operate the handheld transceiver (HT). I soon realized that when using my Baofengs with the Nagoya 771 an external microphone becomes really a necessity. Especially when using an external antenna with a longer feedline attached via the SMA connector to the device. Moving the devices around with the line attached, the whole weight pulling on the connector could damage the SMA connector on the radio in long term.

So I went on eBay and checked what they got. BaofengTech offers an external microphone but wants 29$ for it. Way too expensive, although it’s apparently shock resistant and waterproof. I found microphones for 2.50$ after some research and ordered 3 pieces.

After 5 weeks the package arrived with my three microphones. I ordered two pieces for my friends. I can’t believe that they cost only 2.50$ each!

The first impression is pretty good. I expected the bottom-line cheapest crap but I was surprised that they actually look pretty well made. The plastic is nice and grippy, the connections are very well made. Hell, this microphone looks better than the Midland microphone I had from the Alan Midland Plus CB station! So I plugged in the microphone and run some audio quality tests. I made some videos about the audio quality that I am going to link to this post.

Audio quality comparison

As you can hear, the sound quality is not the best. It sounds very cushioned when using the microphone. In my opinion, the audio quality is a lot worse than without the microphone. But I don’t really mind because if I can preserve my SMA connectors on the radio and have a bit of comfort while talking and listening, I gladly pay the price of a small quality loss.

Annoying popping

There is another thing. When using the radio on a lower sound output, as soon the microphone speaker membrane is activated, there is a popping noticeable. The membrane pops even the sound levels are at a minimum, actually, it pops no matter what sound levels are active. It is kind of annoying but I will get used to it I guess.

The clamp can be rotated to predefined positions

The microphone offers a headphone plug on the bottom, secured with a rubber plug.

The microphone also offers a headphone plug at the bottom that is sealed with a rubber plug. It’s a bit fiddly to pull it out and you can’t move it to the side. So I am not quite sure if the rubber will create pressure on the headphone jack and do damage with time. Also, on the back of the microphone, there is a clamp for attaching the mike to a backpack or your jacket etc. The clamp can be rotated and fixated in different positions.


What can I say? Considering the price of 2.50$ that is a really good microphone. The built quality is really above average but the sound is lacking quality. In the end, it gives a lot of comforts using your HT and preserves the antenna connector. I give it a thumbs up!

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